Matthew Chapter 14

Chapter 14 happens to be another “loaded” chapter. There is a lot going on. It starts with Herod having John the baptist killed. Which is something that he had wanted to do for some time, but not the way it was done. Anyways, he swore an oath and came through with Johns head on a platter. Here is the man who paved the way for Jesus, being put into prison and then beheaded for a woman. Probably not how John thought this thing was going to play out in the end. It’s kind of funny how God works that way. We can have our own ideas, thoughts, and or agendas about what God wants us to do and honestly doing what God has called us to do. All is well and things are easy. But when things get tough, we start to question if God is really asking us to do what it is we are doing. How quick are we to change our mind about our journey if we are in danger, or put into a difficult social situation. Who knows what else. Sometimes I think we serve God as long as the serving somehow benefits ourselves. We don’t really know the definition of servant hood. The three S’s of servant hood….Submission, Submission, and Submission.

Jesus gets news of his friends death and wants a little time to his self, but he sees the multitudes and scripture tells us he had compassion on them. Through his own hard time, his own sadness and grief, he saw the cause and was the means. If you are a leader who follows Christ I bet you know what this feels like. We want to break down at times, but we have to keep putting one foot in front of the other. And most of the time the only way to do that is to rely on God alone. I have a deal I made with God for when times get tough. If my feet need to keep moving , God picks them up for me and I put them back down. After Jesus saw the crowd he healed them and thedisciples came to him barking about how the people would get hungry and they have nothing to give them. Jesus then says to them, “Give them something to eat”. I have to believe in my heart of hearts he wasn’t talking about food. He was beginning to stretch and perhaps test his disciples. They knew man does not live on bread alone, and Jesus said to go feed the flock, and they were still hung up in food. Interesting. Jesus performs a miracle by turning five pieces of bread and two fish into a feast large enough for a lot of them to take home a doggy bag. Jesus sends the disciples on their own way in a boat and stays behind a while with the crowd. The boys are asleep in the boats and wake up to Jesus walking on water. they think he is a ghost and start to freak out. Jesus tells them to chillax and be still, but Peter ask to be commanded to walk out to Jesus on the water. So Jesus does. Peter steps out, takes a few steps, and then begins to sink. Screams for help and Jesus reaches in and pulls him out of the water and says this, “O you of little faith. Why did you doubt and dance back and forth between following me and heeding fear?” Now I have been taught my whole life that this statement was basically saying that Jesus did not think Peter had enough faith in Jesus to help him. But what if it’s not what it is saying. What if Jesus was actually asking Peter why did he not have enough faith in himself? How many times do we sell ourselves short and give up? How many times when things get tough do we throw in the towels because we think we can’t do something? That is the enemy messing with us. I truly believe that the devil puts doubt in our minds to throw us off. He uses our self esteem against us to keep us from accomplishing what God has set before us. All things are possible through Christ. All things.


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