I find it interesting that whenever we read about a question that Jesus was being asked by the religious leaders, it usually ended up being an attempt to trick him. I find it interesting because here’s the son of God healing the sick, feeding the multitudes, performing all kinds of miracles while the religious leaders thought they could pull the wool over his eyes. That’s humor. Anyways the Pharisees and scribes ask Jesus why he and his disciples did not wash their hands before they ate. This was a old law of Moses they were referring to. The same law we find in our Old Testament. Right there in our Bibles a few Chapters before Matthew. Well more than a few, but there all the same. They were basically firing at Jesus. Calling him out for not following the law of Moses, given by God may I remind you, and eating with unclean hands. Keeping true to who he was Jesus fires back with a question of his own. He wants to know why the leaders are not honoring their mothers and fathers. To honor your mother and father was a law of Moses, again given by God, that they had seemed to do away with. The religious leaders believed that “one need no longer to honor his mother and father so long as he says to them, What you might have gained from me I now give to the glory of God.” Jesus then proceeds to call these people hypocrites………………………………..Huh.

So here is Jesus not following the old laws of Moses, given by his father God remind you, and he seems to be OK with it. The old laws which make up most of the Old Testament. Why would he do that? This isn’t the only time that he does it either. So why does Jesus, son of God, seem to be going against the old law given by God? What was the purpose of Jesus? Why was he here among us? I believe he was here for many reasons. One of those reasons was to show us how to live. How to live the life he wanted us to live. To love and forgive unconditionally. To feed the hungry and help the sick world wide regardless of our  allegiances to a government. To make peace with our enemies. To build each other up and not  tear each other down. Jesus came to fulfill the law. He said that himself. The old laws do not work. Jesus was God coming to earth and giving himself away because nothing else worked. A nothing else will ever work. If we are not Jesus to each other and the world then life doesn’t work. If we are Jesus to each other then hunger, sickness, war, hate, revenge, greed, depression, violence, guilt, shame, isolation,  blame, fear, lies, and all other fruits of the enemy go away. I truly believe  this is how we are to live. How Jesus wants us to live. Love God and love each other. Love our enemies as ourselves. No one can live by the old testament law. It’s not possible. No one ever has. Even Jesus. He ate with unclean hands breaking the old law. But we can all live under the law of grace.


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