Matthew 17

Jesus takes Peter, James, and John to the top of a mountain and messes with their heads a little bit. Just kidding, well not really. Well you know what I mean. Anyways he grabs these three guys and takes them to the top of a mountain. While they are standing there Jesus’ face began to glow like the sun. Even his clothes gleamed bright like the sun. This was the transfiguration. And three disciples witnessed it. Not only did Jesus “light up”, but Moses and Elijah, who have been gone a long long time I remind you, show up. I love what scripture says, it says that the three men talked at the intersection of heaven and earth. That’s beautiful. A couple of quick observations. Numbers have meaning in the Bible. There are three disciples witnessing this transfiguration. There are three great people talking at the intersection of heaven and earth. Not just a coincidence by the way.

The disciples become a little star struck and decide to fall back on some old law and build and build a few small tabernacles. Actually Peter suggested that this should be done and as he is speaking God begins to speak. God says the same thing thing again that he had said at Jesus’ baptism. The voice from heaven Terrified the disciples and they duck and covered. Jesus tells them yet again to get up and don’t be afraid. They get up and Moses and Elijah are gone. Jesus instructs them again not to tell anyone what they saw. He told them to wait until he was raised from the dead before they told anyone. Now why would Jesus do this? Perhaps he wanted them to wait and witness another hilltop experience, the Crucifixion, and then put two and two together.

Jesus goes on explaining that John the Baptist was actually the fulfilment of a prophecy that Elijah would return and prepare the way for the Lord. Jesus gives the disciples another example of how important faith is using mustard seeds and slivers as visual aids. He then explains to the disciples yet again that he was going to be killed. Assuring them that this is how this is going to play out. But that he will be back. The scriptures say they were filled with grief at this news. they did not want Jesus to die. They did not want to be separated from him. Jesus and his disciples enter Capernaum and get taxed. We find out that Jesus pays his taxes, but explains to Peter that he only does it to this point so that he does not shake the boat quite yet. Jesus knew when to stick it to the man and when to play the game. As cunning as a snake but as gentle as a dove. Oh and Jesus did not carry money so he sent his disciples to the water to catch a fish and the money was in his mouth. Brilliant.


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