Maynard James Keenan, who would of thought………

Ok I am a huge Tool fan. No secret there. And for the last few years I have been researching Maynards side project. No, not A Perfect Circle or even Puscifer. But a wine maker. Check out Caduceus Vinards. I am currently trying to get my hands on a bottle or two, but they do not ship to N.C. Anyone know a way around this? Also here is part one of Gary Vaynerchuk’s interview with Maynard and Eric Glomski. Pretty cool.



Bill Maher’s Religulous

So I watched this film last night. And here are my first thoughts. Well first let me start by saying I watch Bill Maher’s show, in fact I enjoy it. It would be safe to say that 75 percent of his views i actually agree with. I hate “Religion” as much if not more than this guy. But if you watch Bill then you know he has a hard time being wrong. He doesn’t ever believe he can be wrong. So going into a debate with Bill you are already way behind in his eyes. And appear to be way behind in something he has control of like his T.V. show or perhaps a movie where cameras can be cut on and off at will. That being said, I really enjoyed a lot about this film. It exposed religion, and not just Christianity, for what it is. Garbage. Religion is an evil thing. Created by man and used to manipulate truth into a weapon that oppresses people that are either less fortunate, different skin color, poorer, weaker, on and on…….. And Bill does a great job at pointing out religion. Money Hungry TV preachers, self professed Messiahs, hypocritical mega church leaders,  Mormons, radical violent Islamics, Scientology, etc….. It was pretty neat watching him “interview” different leaders and followers of all of these religions. Bill is a smart guy and he made these people look really silly. But here lies the problem that i have. I am only going to speak on behalf of Christ followers, because that’s what I know. i know nothing about Scientology or Mormonism, except my roommate in college was Mormon and he could not drink tea or smoke cigarettes, but we drank a lot of beer and smoked quite a bit of pot together. Weird. Anyways, I know a little about Islam, but not enough to debate it. But i do try to be a Christ follower, so I’ll draw a line here. I wonder if Bill talked to any true Christ followers. It seems the “Christians” he did talk to were religious freaks that fell in line with everything they were force fed on Sundays or on TV instead of doing a little research, praying, evaluating, and so on their selves. What if Bill talked to a true Christ follower. What if Bill talked to someone who reaches out to the poor, widowed and orphaned. Or to the person who loves unconditionally his brothers and sisters. Or people who hate violence and despise war. Or people who believe that when the American Flag and the Bible join hands, then just maybe, we are a little east of Eden. People who can kind of see a similarity in Modern day America and Moses day Egypt. What if Bill talked to someone who just loved people . That was their religion. Love. Anyways, i hope that in all of his travels and filming he found someone like that. But decided not to put it in the movie because ticket sales may go down. Who knows. Here’s what I think though. Bill was once a believer. He was burned by religion. He has a real hang up with the virgin birth. And I love him. 



Another song I wish I had written…

Abra Cadabra…….













So last night we got to hook up with brother Thompy, Bubba, and Rachel at the Mellow Mushroom in Durham. Good times had by all. Even met a magician I knew, kind of, that blew us away by making a deck disappear. See i am an amateur magician myself, (yes what you don’t know about me you can fit in the grand canyon), but  this guys sleights were pretty wicked. Anyways, Sue kept asking me how he did most of them,but she’s not in the club.  All I had was my blackberry to grab a shot of the kids. So here it is. This is Bailey, Rayn, Gracie, and Ayden. Bailey and Ayden are my God sons. We all had a blast. And the pizza was great, but the New Castle was better.


Happy Christmas!!

Gran Torino

Just watched Gran Torino online. It was a stream and not a down load so I did not steal it. Anyways, Clint Eastwood really makes great movies. Go see it.

A block head bringing the gospel……..

I just put Rayn and Grace to bed. But before I did, we sat down and watched Charlie Browns Christmas Special that we have had on the DVR a while now. I love that special. I can remember watching it as a kid and knowing that it was different. Something separated it from all of the other shows I was watching. In a world where Sponge Bob and Dora the Explorer rule, there is still one small voice from the 1960’s that is delivering truth. Praise God.