Matthew Chapter 19

Jesus again is trying to be tricked by the Pharisees and is asked about divorce. Here’s my interpretation of what Jesus is saying. Marriage is a bond that is created between and man and a woman. It’s a covenant that is sealed once sex has occurred. I don’t have to get into the details, but it is a covenant in blood. God uses blood for many signs of covenants. Marriage being one of them. I read Rob Bell’s Sex God a while back and he realy put marriage in perspective for me. Basically, in God’s eyes, whenever you have sex withsomeone else you become one with that person. One flesh, joined together forever. And in that sexual act you become married. Spiritually and physically. I don’t think that people understand that. I work close with teenagers at church and I will be diving into this with my worship band in a few weeks. Pray for me please, but anyways I don’t think they understand what sex is really all about. They think that it’s just a physical thing, but do not understand the spiritual side of it. When we have sex with someone else our spirits or souls become tied to them. Soul ties. We become married to that person. Here in lies the problem. We live in a culture where it seems to be OK to have sex with multiple partners. It’s Ok to sleep around. It feels good and it’s just sex. Butit’snot. You are becoming one with every person you have sex with. That’s a scary thing to think about. And can get really deep if you think about it. Interesting is’t it.  But that’s for another conversation. So Jesus says that he only thing that constitutes a divorce is adultery. If you go out and have sex withsomeone other than your spuse you have already sealed the divorce. You have broke a sacred covenant that you made to that person. In God’s else the divorce is done. The legal papers are a mere formality. The deed is done and the bond is wrecked. And Jesus says that this is the only reason a marriage is to be ended. Not because you grow tired of your spouse, they change, you lose interest,etc. The disciples freak out a little and realize how tough true marriage can be. Jesus even says it is better not to marry if you can.

Jesus continues to teach reinforcing that children belong in the kingdom of heaven. And then he is approached by a man who wants to know what he must do to inherit eternal life. Jesus tells the man to follow the commandments and it is obvious that he has done so. It’s also obvious that he is truly interested in learning what Jesus has to teach. What Jesus tells him next blows his mind. He tells him to sell all of his possessionsand give the money to the poor. Then to come and follow him.  He doesn’t do this, according to scripture he was very wealthy but decides to walk away when Jesus asks him to give it all away. Do we walk away from Jesus when we do not give what we have away? The disciples ask Jesus who then can be saved and he proceeds to tell them that those who have given all, will gain all. Eternal life. Those who were first are last and the last shall be first. I have to admit I struggle with this message. I am not sure where you draw a line or if you even draw a line. But this is one of those scriptures that you don’t hear a lot about in its true context. I have heard churches hijack it and use this to try and increase peoples tithes, but I don’t think that is what the deal is here. It doesn’t say give all to build bigger sanctuaries, but to give all to the poor. It seems so clear, yet so confusing as well.



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  1. Interesting thoughts…especially when you talk about SEX ties us to Marriage. I’m still reading.

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