Country and Western Music Festival on Acid

Just got back from the Warren Haynes Christmas Jam. This was the twentieth annual jam and as always, blew me away. Suzanne had been with me in the past, but decided to sit this one out. So I asked Steve to go with me. Steve is a local youth pastor and needed to get out for a weekend. Anyways I think he had a blast. I know that I did. I have been a little under the weather lately and it put a small damper on things, but all and all it was great. Warren blows me away every time I see him. His voice is incredible and his slide skills on the guitar are unstoppable. Highlights of the weekend.

1. Johnny Winter. I wonder who Stevie Ray stole a lot of his licks from? Hummmm. I wonder…..

2. John Paul Jones. Hey man, it’s the bassist for Zep. Come on.

3. Steve Earl. Liberal Redneck. Enough said. Nothing but love, and yes he did play Copperhead Road.

4. Patterson Hood. Singer songwriter and frontman for the Driveby Truckers. Love him.

5. Ben Harper and The Relentless Seven. Ben’s new band or side project? Saw a side of Ben you usually don’t see. Very energetic, straight up rock and roll. It was great. Encored Good Times Bad Times with John Paul Jones. Unreal.

6. Michael Franti. Stole the show. This guy is simply amazing. I have seen him a few times wiht his full band, but he was simply amazing by himself.

Not so highlights.

Coheed and Cambria. What? Total Zuss!

All and all it was great. Lot’s of Dead Heads selling acid,beer, and Grateful Dead Christmas ornaments. Seven hours of live music. Hanging out with Steve. Staying in a cheap and scary hotel. Can’t wait till next year.



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