Prayer…………….sometimes a waste of time?

Yeah I said it. Now let me explain my reasoning. First, I know the power of prayer. I believe in the power of prayer. I pray for people, situations, and am thankful people do the same for me. So if you do, don’t stop. And thanks. But, and maybe I am alone here, you ever had anyone say, “let’s pray about it.”? And then nothing else. Ever.  The more that happens, the more I believe it literally means , “I don’t care enough to think about or try to fix that situation”. Here in the past few months I have paid special attention to “some”, SOME, ONE MORE TIME SOME NOT ALL of the people, I am around and have watched their actions that go along with “let’s pray about it”.. And I am beginning to see people being exposed for what they really are. Anyways in reading my Bible I do see Jesus talking about prayer. I see Jesus praying, quite a bit actually. But I also see Jesus doing as well. They go hand in hand. “You have to put feet on our prayers”. I love that. But I really am not seeing that in some people I use to look up to spiritually. I see needs that would take a community to fix, bring it up, and I’m handed the “let’s pray about it card”. Never to be heard again.  It’s really a smack in the face. And it makes me question the authenticity of people. 



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  1. One of the things I have thought about most lately is a statement I read by Tony Morgan or Perry Noble, I think. They said that sometimes Christians use prayer as an excuse for inactivity. I totally believe that!

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