Rolling on…Matthew Chapter 21

Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey. I heard Rick Mckinley preach on this on Easter and it was amazing. He was talking about how Jesus was coming in on one side of the town on back of a donkey with a small gathering of people welcoming him. But also how at the same time there was some festival starting and Herod was coming in on something a little more formal like a chariot, with a large crowd. i just find that interesting. The king of the people is coming in a Lexus with a huge parade and then the king of he world is basically on a Thomas moped. Minus the DUI. Not that I am stereo typing anyone who owns a moped as a drunk, but I’m just saying……

We then get to see Jesus pretty pissed off and throw a table. Awesome. Jesus heals some people and there are children dancing around him. So the religious leaders are a little thrown off. They see their tables trashed, blind people seeing, and lame people dancing with children around Jesus. Needless to say  they were a little confused. But then Jesus calls them out and asks them if they have even read their own Psalter? Brilliant.

The chapter continues and comes to a scripture that I have to say, confuses me. It says in 21:22 If you believe, whatever you ask for in prayer will be granted.

O.K. this scripture is earmarked for me. I need a little help from the author with this one. Moving on….

The religious leaders are getting more angry with Jesus and his teachings. They want to know where his authority comes from. Jesus tells them two stories that boil down to this. Either they can believe he is who he says he is and repent, or disbelieve. They disbelieved. They wanted him dead, so they decided to figure out a way to pull it off. But they were still a bit afraid, because “the people” knew he was a prophet.


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