I thought I knew…….

You ever thought you knew someone? I mean really know. Develop a relationship, one that you thought was sincere. One that you invested a lot of time into. One you believed to be authentic. Have you ever poured your heart, dreams, and visions out to someone? Ever had them fan the flames and encourage you, push you, stretch you? Cheer you on, help you succeed? I have. In fact, a lot of my friends are this way. My wife is one hundred percent this way. And here is the deal. When this kind of bond is built with me, it doesn’t go away. I reciprocate the investment. I hang out in the trenches and dance on mountains with my inner circle of people. You know who you are. I love each and every one of you. I wear my heart on my sleeve. it’s out there for the taking. And i am finding out that it hurts really bad when inner circle people become careless. And I bet you know who you are also. Careless is probably the best word I can come up with. In all aspects of the definition of that word. i guess when some people are done with you, then they are just plain done with you. And the wake of carelessness is sometimes unpredictable



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