How unfair can a church become?

Fairness is a word that has always puzzled em a bit. I hear people use it a lot in a lot of different contexts. I hear people say that so and so got what was fair. Or that the only fair thing to do is….

I even have heard people in church say , “that’s not fair”. And you know what, church isn’t called to be fair. Church is called to fix brokenness. Church is a place where people are to come together and begin reconciling all things to the glory of God. All things. Reconciled. For Gods Glory. Fixing what has become broken, however it became broken. Picking up each little piece and some how molding them to other pieces until it’s O.K. again.

“Breaking yourself open and pouring yourself out for people who may never say thank you, that’s not fair.  Because God is not fair.”

Rob Bell says this in his book Jesus wants to save christians. I read this at 4 A.M. this morning and it will not stop ringing in my head. I love it when this happens to me,because I know God is moving me. Stretching me and changing my whole outlook on things. Every day is like a new picture show here recently where one frame is being replaced by another, and then another, and then another.

Following Christ is not fair. Servant hood is not fair. Submission is not fair. Loving our enemy is not fair. Feeding the poor and homeless with our resources we have worked so hard for is not fair. Spending more time with a group of young people trying to teach them about Christ while your friends are on a golf course enjoying beer and companionship is not fair. Sharing a meal with someone who constantly puts you down and makes you feel terrible is not fair. Loving people who will not reciprocate is not fair.

But neither is God. I do not treat God fairly. But he still loves me. He died for me. That was not fair. He healed my children without expectancy, that was not fair. He takes me back every time I walk away and that is not fair. He never doubts me even when I doubt him, which is not fair. He doesn’t hold a grudge against me, even when I do against him and that is not fair.

I am so glad that God is not fair.



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  1. i heart you….

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