Ever wondered what Jesus would do if a Polar Bear attacked him?

This may be the answer,

I said May Be, not is!!!!!!!!!!!


Christianinty shouldn’t make sense…

“Something is wrong when our lives make sense to unbelievers.”

This sentence has been haunting me for two days now. Francis Chan said it. And I have been thinking, meditating, and praying on it sense I read it. It has blown me away. Revolutions never make sense to those against them. To those who want no part of them. Jesus was a radical. An extreme radical. The things he did made absolutely no sense to the majority of people that were around him. So when you are going all out for God and your dreams and visions are so radical that someone looks you in the eyes and says your dreams make no sense, maybe we should say thank you.




I do not want to be a lukewarm christian. I have no desire to be one. There’s a verse in the Bible that says Jesus will spit me out of his mouth if  am. I don’t think that is a good thing. I saw a lot of kids confess in front of their peers that they were feeling a bit lukewarm at church tonight. They have me praying tonight. Praying that I somehow find a way daily to be on fire for the restoration of the kingdom. For no one who meets me even has to question what it is that drives me. What it is that is leading me, teaching me, revealing things to me. That I can be the servant, follower, leader, and teacher God wants me to be. That I have the strength, courage, resources, teammates, desire, and ambition to change my community. Praying that I can love my enemies as much as I love my children and wife. Praying that I fall deeply in love with my savior like I never have before. Praying that I am not lukewarm.

A New Chapter….

It’s always interesting when you begin a new chapter of life. No matter what it is. A new relationship, a new job, a new…who knows what. You fill in the blank. And that’s where I am. Looking backwards wondering what happened, but looking forward with eyes wide open. Watching prayers get answered and coming up with brand new questions for my creator. It’s a new day. And a good one. All I can say is that I am very excited. 


The Devil and Daniel Johnston….

Ok, maybe I am a little behind. But my buddy Marty turned me on to this documentary and this guys music. Holy Cow. This is mind blowing. I have included the first ten minutes of the documentary below, but the whole thing can be watched on youtube and I highly recommend you do. This guy is a lyrical genus and he is completely off of his rocker which makes him that much greater to me. He makes Brian Wilson look like a nice little school boy. This guy is brilliant. Unreal. I think I have found who bright eyes has been completely ripping off for years. Be sure to watch this and go download his albums. They are unreal. Any guy who has been on acid trips with Gibby Haynes has got to have a story or two. Oh, and he loves the Beatles.

Remember when music was really great?

You are welcome.