What a weekend…..(revised)

So I stepped outside of the box I have been living in for a while now and joined forces with an amazing worship team for the past three nights. I think it would be safe to say that I played six hours in the last three nights. Awesome is a word that comes to mind. I got to experience worship the way it should be. No time table, no perfect setlist, no one telling me three songs. I never knew how good it would feel to have someone say, “just go where ever God leads you, and if we are here for three hours then we are here for three hours.” I am kind of shell shocked. I saw people worshipping for an hour at a time. People had time to get in the groove of worship. The spirit lead worship and it went where ever it wanted to go. And the people responded. I have been a worship leader for four years now and this was the first time EVER, I was not worried about if I miss a note, or if we are going over in time, or if anyone likes this music. I did not realize how programmed I have become. Is church suppose to be programmed? Are we suppose to put God in a nice little package that never changes. What happens when church begins to feel like corporate america? Like its being ran like a corporation? Should we care about what slide goes where and how long we have left before announcements?  Is that functional? I mean if we are part of a program shouldn’t it at least function? Do you ever step out of your box, look back, and realize maybe you are outgrowing the box Maybe it’s time for a new one? Does that break your heart? In the words of Dylan, “the times they are a changing….”


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  1. Interesting thoughts. May I ask where you went for that worship experience?

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