A big big box…………..


Programming in church can be a good thing, I think. But it can also, more times than not, be a damaging thing.

Acts 2 talks about a new kind of Church. God’s Church. A Church of power, prayer, meeting, movement, and momentum. And a lot of times churches claim to be “Acts 2” type churches.  But I have to wonder if they really ever read Acts 2 at all. An Acts 2 Church gives God the freedom to move about how ever he sees fit through his spirit. It allows for his spirit to power what is happening. So here’s a question. How can God have any room to move, if ever single second is planned out on a piece of paper? I am all about some planning and organization. But, if you cannot allow the spirit of God to continue moving in people because you have to cut to a stupid video setting up the “message”, then that seems a bit  unauthentic to me.  God doesn’t need a script to work. He need s servants open to the Holy Spirit who are not afraid to represent him one hundred percent. Unscripted, ready to go where ever he is headed.

So tonight I saw God unleashed. I saw people standing in front of the Church pouring their hearts out unscripted. I saw redemption happen in front of a whole church. I didn’t have to “get connected to a small group” to witness it. It happened in corporate worship. People exposing their lives and showing what God had done in their lives which in turn affected others to pour out their hearts. I saw people’s shells sliding off and hearts becoming soft as they knew they were not alone and that there was a God and a group of people ready at that moment to embrace them and love them for who they were and to start wading through the mess they had made that was their life. None of it was scripted. Thank God. I have NEVER seen God work in a script. But I have seen him unscripted, unleashed, and in total control. No box for the God of the universe please……..


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