Random questions of a four year old…………

Grace: Dad, can God see very good?

Dad: Well yes, I guess he can.

Grace: What color are his eyes?

Dad: No to sure, why?

Grace: Just wondered.

A few minutes pass.

Grace: Dad, can God see through my eyes?

Dad: I think he can.

Grace: (closing her eyes) Even now?

What a short and great conversation I had with Grace. Rayn and Grace are both getting to the age where they are beginning to ask very interesting questions about God. The authenticity of them is remarkable. It’s as if God is asking me question through their questions. Does God see through our eyes? I think he does. But he sees through our hearts as well. He sees when we physically refuse to help someone in need, but he also sees the prejudice in our hearts that hide behind the decision. He sees when we turn away from our “lost” friends and neighbors to hang out with our “saved” friends and neighbors, but he also sees the judgement that lies in our hearts when we make those decisions.

Sometimes I think we walk around with our eyes closed, hoping not to see what it is God wants us to see. We think we have this get out of doing good works card if we walk around in a daze only concerned about what we want to see and do. Sometimes, secretly, we close our eyes as hard as we can and hope that a situation we should be in the middle of goes away. But it doesn’t does it?



  1. This makes my heart happy ❤

  2. no doubt…

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