Jesus Wept

I spent the better part of the afternoon hanging out with some of my friends at one of our friends dad’s funeral. It was a really interesting time. These are the guys that I get to play cards with every other Saturday night. These are the guys I share cold beers with every other Saturday night. These are the guys that I scream at during football, basketball, baseball, and hockey games. And they scream back at me. Sometimes there is cussing involved. But it’s all in love. These are the guys that I sit in a smoke filled room until the wee hours of the morning talking about how great this movie was and how it was so much better than that movie. These are the guys that I love on a level I can’t explain. So here’s the deal. They know me. They know my heart for the Lord. And I know theirs. It’s safe to say that some of us don’t see eye to eye. But, it’s also safe to say they have never judged me, and I have never judged them. And today I got to see these guys open up their hearts to a brother who was hurting more than he has ever hurt before. I got to see these guys at the most vulnerable point. I saw them cry and they saw me cry. We all were hurting with our brother. I believe ever one us wished we had the answer or the cure for the emptiness that losing your dad brings. So that we could share it with Frye. But we don’t. All we could do is cry with him. Lock arms and hurt with him. And we did. I’ll never forget that moment. I’ve been building a relationship with the guys for nine years now. And this was the first time I have ever been through anything of this magnitude with these guys. Anyways, Frye’s father gave his life to the Lord two years ago. He was a chemist and had a very scientific mind. The pastor told a story about how Frye’s dad first started coming to church, and told the pastor that he needed proof. He needed scientific evidence that Jesus existed, died, and raised from the dead before he would buy into this story. So he researched, and researched, and researched. Until not long ago he finally told the pastor,”to many people witnessed this, for it not to happen”. He became a believer. Frye’s father slipped into a comma about a week ago. The doctors said he would not wake up. But on Sunday, he did. His pastor was by his side and said that Mr. Frye opened his eyes. He then looked at the pastor, threw his legs onto the floor, and stood eye to eye to him. He told him to make sure his family knows that Jesus was real and he grabbed the pastors hand and prayed for him. He knew the mission this pastor has in front of him and in his dying minutes prayed for the pastor to have the strength to carry on the gospel to his kids. Unreal.

I hugged Frye today and he whispered in my ear that he wanted to know this Jesus. I assured him that he already does and we will start this long road together. The reconciliation of all things for his glory. That sentence puzzles me to this day and always will. Because the mysterious ways of God never cease to amaze me.




  1.’s not fair to make me weep at work! I cried for Frye, and his loss, but I also cried tears of joy that his Dad can now experience eternity with God in Heaven!
    Thanks for sharing this story, and please pass along my condolences to your friend and his family.

    Keep on him to know our God, and keep working with him. I know you are a great guy to have around in this situation. You are a man of God yourself!

    • Thanks Shawn.

  2. I will never forget what you told me when we lost our Adam. You said, ” Tragedy is an open window of opportunity, you have to decide what you will allow to pass through that window……God or satin….Good or evil.” That always sat so heavy with me because I can always put myself at the crossroads for all situations. Will I let this have a positive impact on my life or will I let it harm me,. or my family. It was difficult finding positives in losing a child, but that statement helped me more than you will ever know. I chose to grow from my loss. Adam became one of my greatest strengths, not a damning weakness. I pray that your friend embraces the power of choice, and keeps his fathers strengths with him. I love you brother !1

  3. I love you to brother!!

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