Chipped or Broken

This weekend my pastor spoke about brokenness. He taught about how there was a group of people that Jesus was speaking to in his hometown. These people had seen the signs, the miracles, everything Jesus had done. But for whatever reason they would not repent. They would not turn away from their sin. Jesus even went on to say that the people of Sodom will receive a less severe punishment then his own towns people who were really good people. They obeyed the Sabbath, worshipped together, but did not repent.

Pastor Cox likened to this. He took a coffee mug and began to hit the edges of it. Chipping it around the rim. We are all chipped in many ways. But some people believe that it’s Ok to live with these chips. It’s Ok to have some flaws and learn to live with them. It’s even Ok to continue adding chips to our glass. No ones perfect and God accepts us as we are. I, of all people, am fully aware of that. But instead of standing in front of God trying to hide or even worse convince him our chips are Ok we should become broken for him. Sometimes we have to allow God to break us. Because in brokenness there is the ability to made whole again. And that is the business that God is in. Fixing brokenness. So, are we Ok with being a little rough around the edges or do we want to become broken for something bigger?





  1. Dude..are you attending another church, currently? Since when? I haven’t seen you in a while, and miss our conversations we had on stage/in the choir room. Hope to see you soon! Are you planning on attending Catalyst this year? I got my ticket reserved.

  2. Shawn,
    Five weeks ago I resigned from my “position” as youth worship leader at St. Marks. My family and I left St. Marks and are attending Trinity Worship Center. We have decided it will be our new home. It’s truly a God thing. I would love to sit down and talk to you about if you would like. Talk to you soon.

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