Sustain…………Reason One I Love My Church!!!!

Sustain is a ministry we have started in our youth ministry known as Youthquake. Here’s the idea behind. It’s pretty simple really. Catch the people who fall through the cracks that society overlook. It’s not the governments job to take care of the poor, sick, and homeless. It’s the Church’s. And that is exactly what we are doing. One person at a time. Jesus said the poor will always be with us, so to me it means it’s time to get to work because the harvest is plentiful. A few weeks back, around 40 volunteers came together to help someone who was getting evicted from their home. The pulled together and made what needed to happen happen. Over the past few weeks we have also developed a relationship with a couple homeless people. We have been providing them with food and new tents to live in. But this week it went a step further. Through the Sustain ministry they now have a home. It’s truly amazing. I’m not bragging. i hope I am encouraging. Like Nike said, just do it. If the church would do as much as it talks about doing, then ………….



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