Never to young to learn…..

It’s no secret. i play a lot of cards. Sin or not, I play. I enjoy. And now I teach the little ones the ways of the poker world. We had our first family card game tonight. It was fun. In fact it was awesome. A little five card draw to start the twinks off. At least we figured out the definition of check or bet tonight. It’s a start!!!!


It’s been a while…………

So I took quite a break. Not sure why, just needed some time to think. Unfortunately more time thinking only leads to more questions. Or maybe that is a fortunate thing. Who knows. Things are well. Life is great.

Today is my eight year wedding anniversary. Eight years with the most amazing human being I have ever met. Eight years with the only person in the world who understands me, well   more than others. Eight years of waking up next to the same woman every morning and thanking God that he put her in my life. Eight years of wondering why she puts up with all the B.S. that can, at  times, surround me. I don’t deserve her, but I am grateful to have her. Every time I start to cock my head and look at God the way my dog looks at me when she doesn’t quite understand what I am saying, I think about Sue and I just praise him. That probably doesn’t make sense to the majority of you who read this, but to the few that do…..we’re tracking.

Speaking of readers, so I haven’t posted in months and I am still getting close to twenty hits a day. Who are you people?