Once safe……………never thrown out at home……

So there has been this conversation going on around me here for a bit. And it has been really interesting watching and listening. It seems some of the people that I know are, lets say, debating for lack of a better word, the idea of once saved always saved. I read a post on facebook the other day that went something like this, “you can’t be saved from hell by saying one sentence once in your lifetime”. Interesting thought. It just reminded me that we spend so much time talking about heaven and hell and not enough time talking about the actual TEACHINGS of Jesus. Why do we spend so much time telling people they are going to hell? We may not say, “you are going to hell”, but our conversations are more about condemnation instead of redemption. They way I see it, and I am not so big to say that I may be wrong, but Grace is enough. And Paul tells us we cannot earn it. Jesus tells us we can not earn it. My Pastor tells me I can not earn it. And you know what. I believe it. I choose to believe that God is so big and mighty and loves me so much that there is no way I can live up to the yolk we have placed around our necks that try to equate us to his Glory or Holiness. We are told God through Christ made us Holy. The law was to much. Man could not function under the law. Man can not function under the law. I cannot even follow the laws set by the city I live in, how can I follow the laws my God had laid out before redemption decided to stroll into town? So heres the thought to leave you with today.

Would you rather live by laws that man has decided is the measuring stick for holiness. Or would you rather know that his grace is truly enough?