Here’s a few pictures I took last night.

Crazy setlist, crazy show, and lots of great pics. Great show!!


It doesn’t get any better than this!!

So we all have that song that defines who we are. At least I think anyone who loves music does. Well this is mine. This is my favorite Bruce song. I have never seen him play it live, but I will one day. I know it. The words are freaking incredible! Unbelievable. But the added twist in this video is Tom Morello. The guitar player for Rage against the Machine, Audioslave, and he’s also the Nightwatchman. Anyways, as a guitar player, I wish I had the talent in this guys pinky when it comes to playing. Unreal. By the way, Rage did a version of this song as well that was very impressive. Heck I’ll add it to. Listen to these lyrics!!

Jesus for President!!!

So last night Natalie, Tracy, Graham, Reagan, Abby, Chelsea, and myself took off to Raleigh to catch the local leg of the Jesus for President tour. Shane Claiborne, Chris Hall, and a few friends are ending up a speaking engagement that was, shall I say, unlike anything I have ever witnessed. First off, I loved it. But I love the strange, weird, and uncomfortable things in life. And I am not easily distracted from what I am trying to investigate or look deeply into. That being said, I could tell by the looks on the face of the people I was with that this was going to be an evening not soon forgotten. There are no words to explain what we witnessed. None. If you want to see it you will have to get the DVD later when it is released. But the teaching was great. If you are anti war and government, then this was the place to be. If you believe in the “third way”, the way of Jesus, then this was the place to be. If you wanted to see a Rob Zombie look alike beating the heck out of drums made out of trash cans, then this was the place to be. If you wanted to see a flower childish woman openly breast feeding her child in a church service, then this was the place to be.  If you wanted to see people that were so uncomfortable because they wanted to laugh, which they should have laughed (laughter can be joyus), but were scarred to, then this was the place to be. If you wanted to engage in a style of worship music that has no name and was being led by the yodeling chanting champion of 2008, then this was the place to be. If you wanted to gather with others who are fed up with this “great country” hijacking the most beautiful revolution ever put into motion and using it for agendas that are powered by greed, the love of killing, and increasing what they believe is true power then this was the place to be.

Long live the slaughtered lamb!

3:10 to YUMA…………..and a little temptation

Last night pastor Scott taught at our Saturday night service. We are in the middle of a series where the pastors are using movies to show how “God puts hits finger print on the culture”.  All of that to say this. I love to here Scott teach. He is great at it. His style, approach, and relevancy keeps me engaged like only a few can do. But, he hardly ever is given the opportunity to teach. He does have a Bible studythat meets on Thursdays that I am going to dive into this fall, but he doesn’t get a lot of time in front of the whole church. He is the site pastor at our Mebane campus, and maybe more opportunities will present themselves for him to teach over there some day. Who knows. Anyways, if you get a chance got ot the St.Marks website soon and check out Scotts teaching on 3:10 to Yuma and temptation.

It was kind of a dark night…….

So last night Ron and myself take off to Raleigh to watch The Dark Knight. You may be asking why would we drive an hour away to check out a movie we could have grabbed here in B-Town. Well we saw on an IMAX. The Caped Crusader on an IMAX. Heavenly. Letme start by saying this, I have been a comic book fan my whole life and my favorite character of all time has been the Bat. Hands down. No one comes close. So you have to imagine what kind of agony I have been put through when it came to Batman on the big screen. Hey the first two films with Keaton were not that bad, but from then on it gets ridiculous. No one had even come close to, in my opinion, nailing the character of Bruce Wayne. No one. Not Clooney, not Kilmer, and not even Keaton. And the directors with the exception of Burton, were clueless. So when Christopher Nolan stepped up to the plate with his first attempt at the franchise I was a little suspicious. I had seen Momentoand new the guy could direct, but could he pull this off. Well if you saw Batman Begins then you know that he did. With flying colors.

So loving the first film and being the fan boy I am, I was more than excited about our little road trip. Here’s the deal. I am throwing it out there. This film, was the best comic book based film I have ever seen. Hands down. 300 was freaking awesome. Sin City was flawless. But The Dark Knight floored me. I had no idea I would be moved by a motion picture about a comic book character the way I was.

No spoilers here, but we have heard a lot about Heath Ledgers performance of the Joker, which I will get to in a minute, but the performance of Aaron Eckhart has been severally downplayed. He plays Harvey Dent perfect. What a performance. I had no idea it was going to be that good. It was an added treat to the story line. Thanks Mr. Nolan!! Chritian Bale was perfect agin as Bruce Wayne. The best fit today for the role. Gary Oldman as Comissioner Gordan, again Wow! Even Maggie Gyllenhaal was great. Morgan Freeman and Michael Caineround it out for one heck of a supporting cast. But, my friends, Heath Ledger not only stole the show, he ran away with it so far that it will never be returned.

I have read the comics as long as I remember, and if you have not then you cannot understand the character of The Joker. How deeply screwed up this fellow is. On all levels. Jack Nicholson’s portrayal of the Joker was elementary compared to Ledger’s. He nailed it to the wall. Perfect. I was truly frightened by this Joker. He was the heartless, demented, freak that he should be. And I loved it. Every second of it. I was almost brought to tears by the final performance of Heath Ledger. If he does not win best actor, and not because he passed away, then I will truly be shocked. Go see this movie for his performance alone. Words cannot express what I feel about it. Thanks Mr. Ledger for making a fanboys favorite villan come to life!!

If you can, catch it on an IMAX. It was shot on IMAX cameras and I could not imagine seeing it any other way. It will make you dizzy and nauseous just watching the shots of the city.

So this my friends is P.D.’s movie of the year!!


Cross driven radio interview…..

So on Thursday you can go here at 2:00 and listen to a thirty minute interview I did with Charley at Cross Driven Radio. It should be pretty neat. Charley is a great guy and has a huge heart for his radio ministry. He interviewed me a couple weeks ago about the 40 day fast and This weekend the interview in its entirety  will be on itunes as a podcast. Be sure to check out future interviews that he did with other 40 day bloggers.


Look what I found.

I found these shoes. I find shoes a lot, but these are special. I don’t know why, but I know that they are. I found a pair of cowboy boots sitting on a sidewalk one day. I have worn them once.